Employment Opportunities

At Leguee Farms, we are always looking for enthusiastic, energetic people interested in learning new things. We have had employees from numerous countries around the world, as well as eastern Canada and right here at home. We have never had an employee leave because they were unhappy with our operation; in fact, some have even told us that Leguee Farms was the best place they ever worked.

We strive to keep an open atmosphere for employees to be able to operate various kinds of machinery and to do many different things around the farm. While operating some of the large equipment farms have today can be intimidating, we have found that anyone with an agriculture background can run just about anything with some training. On our farm, we try to run newer machinery with GPS and automated features, which makes operating the equipment that much more enjoyable.

We are not currently seeking employees, but check back in the future for updates.

Living in Southeast Saskatchewan

If you are interested in working for us, but unsure about moving here, let us give you a tour of the area. We live only 25 minutes from the city of Weyburn, an booming city of more than 12,000 people, with a variety of services for your every need. Only another half hour further will get you to Regina, the capital city of Saskatchewan, if city life is more your interest. Closest to our farm is a little town called Fillmore, a beautiful village where we spend a lot of our social time.

Saskatchewan is an intriguing place today, with a booming economy and employment rates envied all across the world. Agriculture, along with oil, potash, natural gas, uranium, manufacturing and many other amazing sectors, has helped transform this province into a place the world wants to do business with. It is an exciting place to be!

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