Who Are We?

We are a progressive grain farm located in Southeastern Saskatchewan, between the town of Fillmore and the city of Weyburn. This is who we are:

Vision: We have built a strong and enduring business for the fourth generation on our farm.

Mission: To improve and enrich the lives of our families, our soils, our communities and the agriculture industry to produce a better future for us all.

Core Values

  • Pursuit of excellence in everything we do.
  • Realistic, attention to detail.
  • Share a positive story.
  • Be safe.
  • Tell the truth.
  • Be a good neighbour.

Our overarching goal, beyond the immediate needs for cash flow and profitability, looks ahead to our future – an aim to build an enduring business; one that stands the test of time and creates a legacy for the next generation. To do so, we must build an antifragile business that not only survives the challenges so inherent in production agriculture; but thrives from them.

The Leguee family manages and operates the farm with the help of two full-time employees and one to two seasonal employees. Russ, Jake, Sarah and Erik all manage the different aspects of the operation. Together, we have found that we all have different and important skills that complement one another. Our full-time employees, Don and Ken, bring key skills to the table that benefit the farm.

What do we grow?

We are a grain, oilseed and special crop farm. We used to grow cattle, but sold out of them many years ago to focus entirely on crop production. Our main crops include durum, canola, DSC_0061spring wheat, peas, lentils and flax, and we do sometimes dabble in other crop options in certain situations.

We are never against trying something new, and have successfully grown many other crops including winter wheat, fall rye, malt barley, green peas, sunflowers and canaryseed. We were one of the first farms in our area to try soybeans in 2010.

The advantage of farming where we do is that our climate and soil type support many different crops. While some areas struggle with pulses and other areas struggle with canola, we have found that just about any cool-season crop will grow here. With our avid interest in agronomy, trying new crops is always exciting!

Growing a Better Future

On our farm, growing a better future means many things. It means building a business that will stand the test of time. It means leaving our land, rented or owned, in better condition than it was in when we started farming it. It means protecting the tools we have today to ensure they are still there in the future. As former Premier of Saskatchewan Brad Wall said upon his retirement,

“Leave things better than they were when you found them”.


How do we do this? First of all, we have been no-till farmers for 30 years now, which essentially means we avoid tilling our land as much as possible. Tillage is destructive to soil structure and microbiological life, which we depend on to profitably grow crops, particularly in our area, where our soil is prone to hardpan and salinity. We use chemicals and fertilizers where needed to maintain, and improve, our soil health and to ensure the successful growth of our crops. We carefully monitor our fertilizer and chemical operations to ensure the right product is used, at the right place and at the right rate; all while ensuring the application is at the right time. We keep a close eye on which pesticides go on which field to prevent weed, disease or insect resistance. We rotate crops to improve soil health and increase our profitability.

All of these strategies – and others – work together synergistically to improve our land for the long-term, and, in turn, improve our farm’s long-term profitability. Someday, the next generation may want to farm; and if that happens, we will ensure they inherit land they can be proud of.

Our communities

Part of our core ideology is looking after our communities. Since we are from both Fillmore and Weyburn, we are involved in a number of boards and organizations, including:

  • Fillmore Ambulance
    • Russ and Jake both are certified EMR’s (Emergency Medical Responders) and serve as practitioners for Fillmore Ambulance. Russ is also the President.
  • Rural Municipality of Fillmore
    • Russ is the Reeve and has been a councillor for 21 years
  • Rural Municipality of Wellington
    • Sarah is a new councillor
  • Fillmore Volunteer Fire Department
    • Russ & Sarah serve as volunteers
  • Fillmore Recreation Centre
    • Sarah is a board member
  • Weyburn Recreation Centre
    • Erik spends many hours working at the curling rink

We are also involved in the broader ag industry, with Jake serving as a director with the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission. Through this board, he also serves as vice-chair for the Canadian Wheat Research Coalition and as the chair of the research committee. We all feel that serving our communities, local and national, is truly a core value to us and a part of why we do what we do.

Our equipment

Take a look at the photo slideshow below to see some highlights from the past couple of years on our farm.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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