Agronomy 1st Seeds

Jake is a Pioneer Hi-Bred sales representative for his region. He loves the connections he is able to make with neighbouring farms, and the opportunity for learning from them, as well as the broader Pioneer network of agronomists, farmers and other entrepreneurs.

Pioneer has an impressive line-up of canola varieties, from 45H33 canola with clubroot resistance, to 45CM39, an exceptionally high yielding canola with pod shatter resistance. Another exciting variety is 45CS40, with built-in clubroot and Sclerotinia resistance. As time goes on, traits like pod-shatter reduction and disease tolerance will become even more popular. An exciting recent development is the release of Pioneer’s own Liberty Link canola varieties.

Their soybean and corn varieties continue to push the boundary of high yields coupled with very early maturity, and there are many exciting things to come.

Pioneer prides itself on the quality of its agronomic knowledge and local expertise. Jake am excited to be a part of their team.

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